Greeting from ASE

Gyung Tak Mario Sung, M.D

Dear President of the Chinese Endourology Society, Prof. Yinghao Sun, distinguished executive boards from the East Asia Society of Endourology and the Asian Society of Endourology, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

As the president of Asian Society of Endourology (ASE), I am truly honored to deliver a welcome address at the joint symposium held by East Asia Society of Endourology (EASE) and ASE during the 13th CUA Annual Meeting of Endourology. I would especially like to extend my sincere gratitude to the president of Chinese Endourology Society (CES), Prof. Yinghao Sun, and the local organizing committee at Hefei, who have successfully organized this joint symposium.

These two main organizations of endourology in Asia have maintained active academic education and trainings for urologists as well as organizing various conferences and meetings throughout Asia since their establishment.  Recently at 2011 WCE meeting in Kyoto, both organizations have unanimously agreed to organize a beneficial and stimulating academic program to foster close relationships between the two societies.

As you know, we live in a rapidly changing environment due to the continued extension of globalization and the rapid development of science and technology. This also pertains to our field in endourology. Furthermore, we are continuously faced with the genuine need for academic growth and development in the urologic community. I believe this joint symposium will provide a conduit to bring us together and share the latest research, as well as the most recent clinical achievements in endourology.

Lastly, on behalf of ASE, Dr. Michael Wong and Dr. Mahesh Desai, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the president of CES, Prof. Yinghao Sun and  the local organizing committee at Hefei for their support and continual effort in successfully organizing the second joint meeting. I strongly hope that this relationship will continue, and I pledge to do my utmost to foster our friendship for years to come.



Gyung Tak Mario Sung
President of the ASE


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